The environmental problem of oil spill

Traditional environmental problems have been rife ever since the creation of man notable among these are the generation of domestic waste and later in nigeria, cases of oil spill are rife one is reported by imerson (1976) to have occurred in bomu in 1970 where oil was spilled over an area of. The exxon valdez oil spill was one such accident that happened 25 years ago on march 24, 1989, the exxon valdezoil tanker heading for long beach according to official reports, the ship was carrying about 55 million gallons of crude oil, of which it spilled close to 11 million gallons into the. Oil spills on the surface of the water are subjected to the whims of weather, waves and currents different types of oil react differently when spilled some evaporate in small amounts, while others break down quicker after the sheen breaks down, a moderate amount of oil will break down and be.

Oil began to pour out of the well in enormous volumes -- estimates of the amount of oil spilling into what is the environmental impact it's difficult to estimate because the oil spill happened in deep engineers estimate that a fix to the problem may not be possible until august -- four months after the. Oil spillage is a major environmental problem associated with oil exploration and exploitation activities it has also caused regional crisis in the 12 statement of the problem oil spill poses a major threat to the environment in nigeria if not checked or effectively managed, it could. What are the environmental effects of oil spills related questions where do oil spills occur how do they affect the environment what was the problem in the tankers crash in the ennore oil spill. Oil spills are huge problems to the environment the obvious one is that the oil and slick can harm marine life as well as birds who simply land to get their food this causes death to animals, dirtying our waters, ruining the eco system, and ruining some of the food chain the oil spills, if they reach.

The exxon valdez oil spill remains the justifiable example of how the transportation of oil can suddenly wreak a huge environmental and economic although environmental problems cannot be coped hundred percent, we should contribute our efforts to minimize the environmental problems. Why are oil spills such a problem the exxon valdez our model vs reality • how did we clean up our model oil spill which method(s) worked once the spread of oil is controlled, environmental scientists can choose from three major methods for oil clean-up: - biological - chemical. The effects of oil spills can have wide ranging impacts that are often portrayed by the media as long lasting environmental disasters oil spills may impact the environment in the following ways: physical smothering of organisms: this is caused by oils with a high viscosity, in other words heavy. In addition to this, the actual burning of oil as a fuel creates havoc in the environment, contributing to already controversial problems such as global warming the exxon valdez oil spill remains the justifiable example of how the transportation of oil can suddenly wreak a huge environmental and.

An oil spill is the release of a liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment, especially the marine ecosystem, due to human activity, and is a form of pollution. Understanding the intricacies of oil spills may help gain perspective on how to solve this complex problem only so much of the oil in a spill can evaporate or spread out so what happens to the rest of it to answer this question scientists analyze the environmental persistence of various petroleum. The negative environmental effects of oil spills often persist for lengthy periods oil residues can sink into beach sediments for up to 30 years after an incident the party held responsible for the spill pays the environmental damage assessment and cleanup costs the or&r creates a plan to guide the.

The environmental problem of oil spill

The problem of oil spillage has increased as well, and recent studies suggest that 5-10 million tons of oil are spilled into the ocean annually the short-term effects of these types of oil spills include four main areas of the environment one effect is reduced light transmission. Oil spills although oil spills have been there for a long time, the recent bp oil spill in america is one of the biggest environmental issues so far that affected climate change and global warming the environment is being continuously polluted, and this has led to the accumulation of green house gases. Oil spills and the marine environment marine oil spills can cause serious damage to natural resources and to those whose livelihoods the nature and duration of the environmental impacts depend on a number of factors, including the type and amount of oil and its behaviour once.

  • Oils spills have been among the greatest human-induced environmental disasters ever however, if the spills are in shallow or confined waters, or if dispersal agents cause a lot of oil to reach the sea floor, huge damage can be caused to these species.
  • Oil spills are terrible for the whole environment surrounding them they can cause terrible damage both to flora and fauna the animals most affected by the.

Oil spill a b s t r a c t oil spill pollution, a severe environmental problem which arouses in a marine environment or in the water bodies, has grown into an alarming scale with the increase in oil production and transportation causes are either accidental or due to operational failure. Oil spills coat everything they touch and become unwelcome but long-term parts oil-covered birds are a universal symbol of environmental damage wreaked by oil spills marine mammals that eat fish or other food exposed to an oil spill may be poisoned by oil and die or experience other problems. Effects of oil spills: an oil spill happens when liquid petroleum is released into the environment this is because when an oil spill occurs, it causes a multitude of problems for the environment first of these is the environmental effect the animal life that lives in the water or near the shore are.

The environmental problem of oil spill
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